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“Game of Thrones” and Cats: What We Know So Far

Cats yawned at the idea of taking over the show, but now they're on the move, led by Ser Pounce.

Michael Leaverton  |  May 6th 2014

Game of Thrones takes place in a heavily bearded writer’s imagination; cats take place under our feet. For a while, it seemed the two would not intersect, which was confusing to everybody because eventually everything intersects with cats.

We needn’t have worried. In due time, Game of Thrones intersected with cats. Collided with them, you might say. Here are the cats we know about so far.

1. Ser Pounce, the cat who appeared on the show last week

We didn’t watch the show, so we have to take the Internet’s word for it. Also, this picture:

And this one:

The cat is called Ser Pounce. Ser Pounce jumps on a bed a breaks some tension about one of the horrific things that are always happening on the show. Also, there’s some very unkind things said about Ser Pounce:

"Joffrey didn’t like him," Tommen said. "He threatened to skin him alive and mix his innards up in my food so I wouldn’t know I was eating him."

Good lord.

Ser Pounce’s appearance was hotly anticipated by people who have read the books, and once he appeared on the show he became a trending topic on Twitter.


Ser Pounce also has a Twitter account, with 13,000 followers and … 67,000 tweets. Holy cow. Of course, this is not the official Ser Pounce account, but rather that of someone who took the name and cannot stop tweeting.

Alas, Ser Pounce will be seen no more on season four, according to, but he might appear in later seasons, probably to kill the dragons.

Here are some excellent illustrations of Ser Pounce created by fans and posted on Twitter:

2. This cat who sings the Game of Thrones theme song

This is more like it. A cat singing the GoT theme song. What could go wrong? Also, the cat is named Arya, according to her caretaker and agent, Herbert Costa. Arya is a character in the show. Arya also sings the Legend of Zelda theme song, if you’re into that sort of thing.

3. These kitties who appear in the “Cute Kitty Version” of the Game of Thrones intro

Created by the Pet Collective, this reimagining of the intro features kittens living in a tastefully furnished two-story suburban split-level with hardwood floors and berber carpet rather than Westeros. A potted palm is prominently featured. It’s an expert, well-done video, in a nice home. Don’t lie: You’d be happy in a home like that.

What did we miss? How else are cats invading the hugely popular show? Let us know in the comments!

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