A cat staring at a vacuum.
A cat staring at a vacuum. Photography ©krblokhin | Getty Images.

See 6 Cats React to the Roomba


We’re not sure why cats and Roombas go together like, well, cats and Roombas … but they do! Since the inception of our robot vacuum slaves, cats have been riding them. Can you imagine a Roomba without a cat mounted on it? No! You can’t!

But not all relationships are the same and not all cats approach the Roomba with the same enthusiasm. Here are are six different reactions cats have to Roombas.

First, however, a Roomba instructional. Watch as these two cats listen patiently to their new robot friend, learning exactly how to maximize its performance.

Initially, the cats are all like, “What the — ? This is the worst Simon I’ve ever played.”

But then they learn. And react with:

1. Absolute terror

This video has a distinctly David Lynch feel to it, right? Dancing “Cheek to Cheek?” Not without a ten-foot pole!

At the time of publication, Lady Jane has filed a restraining order against Roomba.

2. Playfulness

“Hey! You move? I move too! Let’s be friends!” Scratch, scratch, scratch!

This is what hands-free cat parenting looks like.

3. Total indifference

“Oh, so the humans finally ordered my mobile dais. Now I can oversee my kingdom while expending 50-percent less energy.”

“Now all I need is for them to install a blanket, scratching post, and infinitely full food dish, and I’ll be set.”

4. Aggression

“Now nothing stands between me and total world domination! I can abuse the dog twice as much while expending 50-percent less energy!”

“Humans, prepare my chariot! I wish to strike the dog over and over again.”

5. Humor

If you’re not laughing right now, you’re probably dead.

6. Time travel

“With this device, I can now travel back to ancient Egypt and alter the course of history so cats remain in power forever!

Why do you think cats are so fascinated with Roombas? Do they know something we don’t know?

Only time will tell.

What about you? How does your cat react to your Roomba?

Thumbnail: Photography ©krblokhin | Getty Images.

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