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11 Cats Who Have Stolen Your Seat (and Won’t Give it Back)

Cats know when you leave a circle of butt warmth that they instantly conquer. These photos prove it.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 27th 2013

Cats are deadly. They’re little heat-seeking missiles of adorable who can sense a big human butt rising out of a chair from a room on the opposite side of the house, come darting over, and by the time you return from getting a snack from the kitchen, they’re curled up like a seashell in what was your spot, and you’re like, “Well, I have nowhere to sit, but you’re so cute, I can’t wake you up.”

So you stand rather than sit. Now you tell me who the more evolved species is.

And here are some cats to prove it.

You want me to go where?

Do you see how good I look here?

Yeeeah — no.

Uuuh, did I hear you correctly? You want me to move? I’m a cat, you know that, right?


Sorry, no room at the inn.

But I look so good here. Go ahead — Instagram it.

Where else am I supposed to watch the birds?

Are you saying something? Cause I can’t hear you over my contented purring.

Also your car is mine. And your front door. And your stupid figurine keychain.

They wants my chair, my preciousss.

Do your cats have a psychic sense for when your butt has departed from a seat, leaving delicious warmth for them?

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