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10 Photos of Cats Who Are Not Going to Let You Crap in Peace

Cats are enthralled with our bathroom activities, and these 10 photos show the funny ways they they provide commentary on our, um, business.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 20th 2013

Many of us right here have speculated on why cats loves to accompany us to the bathroom. And from your response, it seems like it’s a pretty common occurrence.

If you ask me (you didn’t), cats are like those nosy friends of yours who get butthurt when they’re not invited out to go dancing at the club when they’ve repeatedly talked about how much they hate loud music and watered down overpriced drinks. Cats are supposed to hate water, yet the minute you shut the door on the one room that’s practically devoted to water, they’re desperately shoving their paws under the door to get a piece of the action.

We tend to give cats their privacy to conduct their litter box business, so why can’t they do us the same courtesy?

Because they’re cats!

And here are 10 of them making sure you won’t fall into the toilet or drown in the tub:

Hey! Mercy flush, you fool! That poo stinks!

Um, you were going to take a bath? I was going to sit here cooling my belly on the porcelain — can you come back later?

You can’t see me.

Whoa, dude! Look at it swirl!

I’ll have you know it’s taking all my willpower to not shove him in there …

Pardon me, I’m bathing in here.

Whut? You don’t enjoy an audience?

Yikes! Put your fur back on!

You mean you’re not going to lick your nether regions clean?

Yeah, sorry, all out of toilet paper.

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