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11 Smart Cats Who’ve Outwitted 11 Dumb Dogs

We believe these photos answer the recurring question, "Are cats smarter than dogs?"

Liz Acosta  |  May 29th 2013

Who’s smarter? Cats or dogs? This is Catster, so — duh — cats are smarter.

Have a problem with that? Then you’re probably a dog. (Who said you could use the computer without parental supervision, dog? Don’t you know you have the brains of a two-and-a-half-year-old?)

Anyway, as we were saying, cats are smarter than dogs. And you don’t need further proof than these 11 photos of cats who’ve outsmarted dogs (and their accompanying thoughts on the matter):

1. “I am king of all I see … which means I’m king of you because I’m up here and you’re down there.”

2. “I’ve got you right where I want you.”

3. “That Pug is going to pee his pants when I jump out of this box.”

4. “I just bought this house and now I am going to rent it out to a dog for three times its worth.”

5. “You won’t catch me wearing that symbol of oppression, Dog! Humans can’t control us!”

6. “Sorry, Dog, I don’t have thumbs — I can’t open the door for you. I wouldn’t even if I could.”

7. “You see this, Dog? This is my tummy getting scratches. I’m going to bite this hand in just a minute, and it will still feed me.”

8. “Thanks for warming the bed for me.”

9. “Hahah! But I’m a cat! I’m going to poop all over this garden!”

10. “ÔǪ and that’s how cats developed reading comprehension skills, enslaving all of you to our will.”

11. “Holy smokes, Dog, your breath smells like cat poop!”

How do your cats outsmart your dogs? Let us know in the comments!