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This Video of a Cat Flying Through the Air to Christopher Cross’ “Sailing” Is the BEST

It's Weird Wednesday with a floating cat, a feline workout video, and Bj├Ârk and her cat husband.

Liz Acosta  |  Jan 22nd 2014

Hey do you know that song by Christopher Cross called “Sailing”? Yeah, it’s pretty much an adult contemporary radio station staple, which means I’ve definitely heard it before. Only I never cared to know what this mushy synth jewel of a pop tune ever said or who it was by or what it was called until I saw it “re-imagined” with a cat transposed (poorly) over a peaceful sunscape of planet Earth. Folks, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to buy stock in Christopher Cross, ’cause every hipster (including myself) is going to be on this song for our park day-drinking summertime. You heard it here first.

This video could only exist thanks to the Internet.

And, thanks to the Internet, I fell down a Wikipedia rabbit hole while researching the career of Mr. Chris Cross (heehee), and whoa, did you know he’s still making music? He is. But it won’t ever top the success he enjoyed in the eighties with such hits as “Sailing” and “Ride Like the Wind.” Themes of movement and synthesizers were really popular in the eighties. Know what else was popular in the eighties? Workout videos!

So here are some cats working out … you know, just in case your cat friend needs some motivation to hit the gym and work off those tuna treats. 2014 is the year!

And then, because if your cat were a human she’d probably be Bj├Ârk, here’s Bj├Ârk’s “Triumph of the Heart,” from which (and shame on me for not knowing this) the “I should buy a boat” meme come from. In case you’ve never seen it before, it stars Bj├Ârk and her … cat husband? Bj├Ârk goes out to a party, gets Bj├Ârk-ed up, and then gets lost on a country road, from which her cat husband rescues her in a car that he’s driving. Which is pretty much the reason I am saving up to visit Iceland.

Which one was your favorite? Please post your favorite weird cat videos below!

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