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Don’t Worry, “Cat Boarding” Does NOT Mean Torture by Cats

It has skateboards. And boxes. And balloons. And cats. Watch the videos!

Liz Acosta  |  May 31st 2013

Remember Romeo the cat who rides a skateboard? If you don’t remember that’s okay, we’ve included this link and the video below to remind you:

Go Romeo! He’s so darn cool, which is why the lady raccoons love him.

That’s cool and all, but can Romeo skate down the hallway in a box? Can your cat skate down the hallway in a box? Sit in a box? Yes. Skateboard down the hall? Maybe. But sit in a box and skateboard down the hall? Now you’re talking crazy talk.

Crazy talk that’s real ÔǪ because look at this!

It’s the Most Patient Cat in the World sitting in a box and scooting down the hall like it’s nobody’s business. That’s because it really is nobody’s business but the business of the Most Patient Cat in the World.

And in case you don’t think it’s real, here’s a behind-the-scenes video of the stunt.

Can this get any better? The answer is: Yes!

Like what if he was wearing a tiny little hat?

Or what if he was powered by a rainbow?

Or what if he was bringing you a bunch of balloons?

Or a bouquet of red roses? Because he loooves you?

Or maybe just this 

Via Laughing Squid