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Catster Fight Night: 3 Rounds of Cats vs. Dogs on Video

Place your bets. At stake are bragging rights over the domestic animal kingdom.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 3rd 2013

All right, Catsters, place your imaginary bets — we’ve got a series of videos of cats and dogs (playfully) duking it out. Who’s gonna win? (Well, you probably know who wins — this is Catster, so, um, yeah.)

Training in dog face boxing starts young. Here’s Nikita the kitten versus a toy dog. Nikita proves to be a fierce foe, deploying a series of springing leaps and kicks to knock the toy dog off its little wheels. If Nikita keeps practicing this way, she’s sure to become a skilled fighter.

Cats 1, Dogs 0

This miniature sighthound and cat seem to be pretty evenly matched weight-wise. The cat’s swift moves lull the dog into a confused trance, as if the cat is some kind of feline Jedi. “You will buzz off,” the Jedi cat commands. And the “weak-minded” dog does exactly that.

Cats 2, Dogs 0


Well, not really. We just wanted to take a break to show you two cats shredding a roll of new paper towels. To add insult to injury, the camera pans left, revealing an entire cat-tree scratching post at the cats’ disposal. What’s more fun than a cat tree? The sound of agony humans make when you waste their hard-earned dollars.

Back to the fights:

Another method of dealing with dogs is the good old “act blas├® about it” method, which whips peanut-brained canines into a frenzy. Even a dog named after fighting — the Boxer — can’t deal with this cat’s sly moves. While the dog exhausts himself, the cat delivers only a couple of strategic blows to victory.

Cats 3, Dogs 0

But when all is said and done, these “enemies” are only playing, and then it’s time to cuddle up for bed. That is, until they have to fight over who gets to hold the stuffed animal for the night — Pancake the cat decides to be nice and let Sugar Tree have the plush eel.

Along with the cats featured in this post, we hope we never meet any of the jerk cats in this video. Although, if your cat starts acting like a jerk when she is normally well-behaved, there might be something wrong with her. The cure might be a vacation, but don’t expect her to send postcards.

Photo: Cat confronts a dog by Shutterstock