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These Really Exist: Electronic Cat Tails for Humans

Japanese company Neurowear develops a tail that responds to your emotions, because, well ... it can?

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 27th 2012

Confession: We’ve totally sat with our cats in our laps, watching their tails twitch with happiness as they half-close their eyes and knead our thighs (we ignore the pain of their claws tearing into our flesh because, gosh darn it, our cats just look so content we wouldn’t want to disturb them), and found ourselves thinking, “Gee, what if we had tails?”

If we had tails, we could use them to help us balance on narrow ledges and help steer us like a rudder when we jump. We would curl our tails around our bodies as we sit staring contemplatively out a window at a flock of pigeons, and we would swish them back and forth when we are angry, to let everyone know we’re angry without uttering a single word.

In Japan, well, people have cat tails. Electronic cat tails, that is. The people at Neurowear, the same folks who brought us cat ears that mimic the motions of real cat ears, now make a tail to go along with them. Though these “mind controlled” cat tails are still in their prototype stage, you can check out how they are intended to work in the video below.

And, yes, we know the minute we mentioned the cat ears you’d want to see them, so here they are.

Admittedly, the cat tail responds more like a dog tail, and the whole thing is just a bit odd, but … we’ll take two!

Via Oddity Central