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Drunk Man Serenades His Cat with Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose”

It's late, he's had a few, what's left but to tenderly sing a Seal song to the cat and pass out on the floor?

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 10th 2012

We know the depth of love and devotion that cats can inspire in us. After all, there’s no other creature who will simultaneously ignore and adore you like a cat will. Not only that, but there’s really no other companion animal as adorable.

So can we really blame this fellow for stumbling home and confessing his love with one of Seal’s greatest ballads? No, we can’t, but we can blame him for publishing a video of it to YouTube. Although, a confession: It makes us feel better knowing that we’re not the only ones who sing to our kitties!

To his credit, “Kiss From a Rose” is no easy karaoke tune — especially a cappella and after a couple at the bar — but kitty is a harsher critic and can only take so much caterwauling before bailing.

It’s the thought that counts, right? “Heck, no!” says the cat.

Whether this video was really as spontaneous as the creator claims or a setup by him or his friends, we appreciate the open expression of cat affection.

What tunes do you like to sing to your cats? Fess up! I know a certain someone who used to serenade her rotund gray tabby with the Supremes’ “Baby Love” — cute, right?

Although my favorite is this one:

So let’s hear it: What’s on your kitty love playlist?

Via Gawker