Does Your Cat Flip for Treats?


While we may totally adore our kitties, we all know that cats are pretty independent and not as easy to train as dogs. They’d much rather give us a look and swish their tails than sit or stay on command.

But Pumpkin is an exceptional kitty: He’s been trained to perform back flips for treats!

All right, so Pumpkin may not exactly be willing to do back flips on command (he’s still a cat, after all), but we’ve never seen a cat so happy to jump for a treat before. It’s totally adorable.

Here’s some more of Pumpkin’s flips.

We don’t know what’s cuter: Pumpkin’s flips, his little chirp, or his cute fluffy face.

Since we were curious — and curiosity never killed the cat, it only made her smarter — we decided to see if we could find other flipping kitties. And we did!

Here’s some pretty good ones, even if they are assisted by a toy. We give them a 7.

This orange tabby completes a high-flying flip, seemingly without a toy. Is the flip on command? We’re not sure. We give it a 9!

Who do you think has the best cat back flip? Let us know in the comments!

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