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DJ Deadmau5 Gets a New Kitty, Releases New Track

Techno music? Check. Cats in slow motion? Check. Video purrfection? Check.

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 26th 2012

You might not have heard of Canadian DJ and producer deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”), but we’re wondering whether he’s heard of us here at Catster. It’s no surprise that the man behind the mouse, Joel Zimmerman, with a name like deadmau5 and often donning a cartoon mouse head mask at shows, is a fan of cats. Not only that, but his cats seem to inspire him.

So when deadmau5 brought home a new kitty — dubbed Miss Nyancat (natch!) — he posted a previously unreleased version of his track “Sometimes Things Get Complicated” accompanied by a video of Miss Nyancat and Professor Meowingtons playing together in slow motion. If you need a little music and cuteness to get you through to Friday, then sit back and enjoy this on your lunch break. Friday is almost here!

We love the part where the older, less amused Professor Meowingtons lazily bats at a mischievous Miss Nyancat, like he’s saying, “Hey, get off my catnip, you and your techno music … I don’t get this noise that you listen to. The music is too loud!”

And just remember, that when things get complicated, just turn on a cat video. There, life seems so much simpler now, doesn’t it?

Via EDM Sauce