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Feline DJ Scratches Up a Bob Marley Mix

DJ Cat Scratch Fever ends the avant garde track with a stirring performance piece.

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 5th 2012

We know, it’s Wednesday. You’re halfway through the week and you’re beginning to feel it. But don’t worry, Catsters, it’s all downhill from here.

Are you feeling a little stressed? Here’s DJ Cat Scratch Fever offering up his latest meow mix. The source track? Oh, just some Bob Marley. Does this cat have good taste or what?

You might be a little tired of hearing about the Next Big DJ — especially with all the young people and celebrities donning designer headphones, pressing “play” on an iTunes mix, and spraying vodka all over the crowd. It seems like everyone is a DJ these days. Admittedly, DJ Cat Scratch Fever just got his new turntables, and you might call his style a little avant garde. But he doesn’t have thumbs! You try recording the baddest mix ever without thumbs and you’ll see.

Bonus! DJ Cat Scratch Fever culminates his mix with a little performance piece he likes to call The Repetitive Nature of the Recording Industry. It’s an insightful piece that explores how the music industry churns out the same old thing year after year, and how we, the consumers, continue to buy it.

Photo: Cat listening to music by Shutterstock

Via Yahoo! News