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Everything You Ever Needed: 7 Cat Butt-Wiggle Videos

L.A. had an earthquake this week, so here some kitties with quaking butts ready to pounce.

Liz Acosta  |  Mar 19th 2014

A decent-size earthquake hit Los Angeles on Monday — big enough for me to wake up to a Facebook feed of “Ah! Earthquake!” status updates. When I got to the office, I posted to our Twitter to make sure all of our pals down in Southern California were all right. Those KTLA news anchors were sure freaked out!

Someone responded that they thought the quake was one of the cats shaking the bed — but then they realized it wasn’t just the mattress, it was the entire room! That got me thinking about various evidence, both of the scientific and anecdotal, that suggests animals have the ability to sense quakes — or cause quakes.

I’m talking about the adorable cat-butt wiggle that precedes a good old stalking-pounce. You know what I’m talking about: Kitty lowers herself to the ground, her pupils turning into abysses that capture everything as she determines the distance, size, and strength of her target. And then she revs up for the pounce, her butt wiggling as her muscles tighten, and like a snapped rubber band, she releases, nailing her target before it even knows what hit it.

It’s probably a 4.5 on the Richter scale ÔǪ of CUTENESS.

So here, for your pleasure (because I live to serve and please you), are seven videos of kitties doing the giggle-inducing wiggle butt. Hashtag WATCH DAT WIGGLE.

1. Butt wiggle plus soundtrack

Vroom vroom!

2. Eee! It’s a Pudge the cat wiggle!

It’s extra cute.

3. Butt wiggle from behind

 and pounce!

4. A little wiggle in the sheets

And there go your toes.


5. Even blind cats butt wiggle

Watch Lucius wiggle and puunce as if he could see everything! Cats sure are amazing, aren’t they?

6. Butt wiggle cat on cat

Why is it so much funnier when a cat employs the butt wiggle to pounce another cat?

7. A butt wiggle from the front

And the butt-wiggle EYES.

Do you have a video of your cat doing the butt wiggle? Share it in the comments! Or tell me about your favorite butt-wiggle incident or which of these videos was your favorite!

Top photo by Pargon

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