We all know cats bestow small acts of kindness upon their humans. These usually take the form of head bonks. You come home from work? Bonk. It’s fairly standard.

But this video? This is ridiculous. It’s one of the most ridiculous videos we’ve seen. Not only is this cat giving her owner a hug, but it’s a heart-stopping hug, it’s a forget-the-world hug, it’s a daughter-graduating-summa-cum-laude-from-Harvard hug, it’sve This Cat Giving Her Human a Hug !link A NEW CAR! hug. This hug is like something out of The Notebook. Do you see this cat tucked into this hug? She’s taking this hug to parts unknown.

This is a cat giving her owner a HUGGGGGGG, dammit. Watch:

We like to think her owner just came home from a long day at work. Perhaps he has just come from the store with some wet food. Or perhaps, given the high chair in the background, perhaps the only thing happening is that the baby has gone off to grandmother’s for the day and the cat is rejoicing. In any case, that hug. Not even mom shoving a video camera into her face can break the spell. Daddy’s cat. That’s a cat guy right there.

Keith Bowers, eat your heart out.

Via Gawker

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