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So There Was That One Time a Cat Was Raised by Ferrets

What happens when you introduce a kitten to two ferrets? One Redditor tried, and the results are unbridled cuteness. See the photos.

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 4th 2013

Folks, it’s a crazy world we live in, and anything is possible.

That includes a kitten getting along with two rodents, proving that everyone is born ready to love and not hate.

Okay, so, actually, ferrets are not rodents — they’re part of the weasel family — but that doesn’t make this example of interspecies love any less surprising, especially when you consider cats’ natural inclination toward hunting (they are predators, after all). It’s also just totally adorable.

Redditor mallinds took in a little ginger kitten in June and worried that he wouldn’t get along with the two ferrets who already made their home there. Delightful surprise found mallinds when the cat not only got along with the ferrets, but the little critters worked together to create a devastating assault of cuteness as they cuddled close. If they want a piece of cheese from their human friend, all they have to do is cuddle puddle, and bam! Buckets and buckets of delicious cheese! The cat knocks over the holiday tree, the human friend comes to scold them all, the three curl up, and bam! The dog gets blamed!

The kitty, known as Ned, has grown a lot bigger than his ferret friends, and he could probably eat them if he wanted to, but he’d much rather lie in bed with them and groom them. Unless this video is of him just tasting them to figure out which seasonings to use …

Photos via Reddit

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