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Courageous Calico Shows a Curious Bear Who’s Boss

Whoever coined the term "scaredy cat" had obviously not met this one.

Liz Acosta  |  Jun 22nd 2012

Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

Here at Catster we’ve seen cats duke it out, cats hovering, and cats going for a swim. The world definitely knows some fierce felines, and here’s another we can add to the (meow) mix.

When a bear comes too close, this courageous Calico chooses fight over flight, boldly getting the bear to leave him alone.

The cat, however, doesn’t immediately turn to aggression. First he tries a nonviolent approach by turning his back to the bear. (“If I don’t give the bear attention,” the kitty thinks, “maybe he won’t be encouraged to do more.”) But when the curious bear sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong, the Calico puts him in his place with a swift swat of his paw.

It takes a couple of hisses for this kitty to get his point across, but when he does, that bear makes tracks. Pretty impressive, considering that the bear is probably 10 times the kitty’s weight. Yet what the cat lacks in size, he certainly makes up for in attitude. “Scaredy cat” indeed!

If you were considering a big guard dog to protect your house, it might be time to reconsider. This cat could lead a security detail.

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