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Comedian Chris Parnell Speaks Out Against Cat Boredom

Cat Boredom is a serious psychological issue. Wait -- no, it isn't. We think somebody's pulling our leg here.

Liz Acosta  |  May 23rd 2012

From the ennui of Henri to cats meowing the blues, it seems that the life of a house cat is a particularly angsty one, and Friskies hopes to address that problem with its cat treats.

Just ask comedian Chris Parnell, who definitely does not make light of this very serious plight! (And if you believe that, we’ve got a litter box in Egypt we’d like to sell you.)

Cat Boredom, or CB, is a very serious catastrophe sweeping kitties all across the world. Symptoms include lazily lying around the house; a lack of interest in bright, shiny objects; and feeling too lethargic to actually make it into the litter box to poop. What we may think looks like the most luxurious life is actually one of utter anguish for cats, who have no job to go to, no responsibilities to attend to, and no one to answer to. And hey — chasing sunny spots to nap in is hard work! That darn sun just keeps moving — every single day.

So what’s the solution? No, it’s definitely not more CatTV. Friskies hopes that its new line of Party Mix treats will help brighten otherwise blas├® kitties … unless your cat is too emo for that!

Via BuzzFeed