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The End Is Nigh: A Cat Has Learned How to Open a Door!

And here we thought opposable thumbs were the only things keeping the cats in check, but this cat can turn a knob, people! We're doomed.

Liz Acosta  |  Mar 28th 2013

Dear friends, we’re here to announce that cats are officially taking over the world. We thought it was the possession of opposable thumbs that helped keep us in charge, but it turns out we’re done for.

Cats already rule the Internet — as you know from spending any time here on Catster — but we thought that as long as they couldn’t open doors, they wouldn’t be able to unleash their feline fury, enslaving us with a swift swat of their velvety paws. Cats weren’t about to take that sitting down (as they do so many things), and one particularly curious cat (who is sure to become their supreme god and leader) has figured out how to open doors. And not a French door, with handles easy to grasp and pull, but an ACTUAL door knob.

Watch as this orange cat (who is about to become our supreme god and leader as well) opens a door like it’s no big deal.

Admittedly, the cat has not quite perfected his technique, so it’s not like he can run around opening doors at will. We can breathe a sigh of relief — the hostile takeover isn’t quite on there horizon … for now.

Although perhaps cats are the ones who are ultimately doomed. Once a cat opens a doors and goes outside he immediately wants to come back inside, creating a feedback loop that will ultimately result in self-destruction. Just a thought!

Photo: Cat peeking through barn door by Shutterstock

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