Sometimes cats are just born with the silliest markings. Imagine if we were born like that, too, with random spots and stripes and patches and blotches and four or five colors just splattered all over — would the world be a more interesting place?

One of my favorite random markings on a cats is a mustache. A little smudge on the muzzle just makes me want to smooch them all.

Here are a few cats with ‘staches to start your week off right!

Moustache Kitty

Have you heard of the term “kitler”? It’s used to describe kitties with little Hitler mustaches! Photo by Charlie Hall.


A mustache and a goatee — Butterscotch the cat has the total facial hair package! Photo by Wolfy.

Fuzzy Moustache Kitten

A perfect ‘stache — flipped up on the ends and all! Photo by Philosopher Queen

Mug Shot

The little mustachioed kitten on the right looks a wee bit guilty, doesn’t he? Wonder what he did. Photo by JK Farms.

Moustache Cat

So perfect! This thick mustache cracks me up. If this cat were human, I’d picture him as some big, burly guy! Photo by geektastic.

Mo Better Blues

Perhaps we had a bit of a shaving incident here and accidentally took off half the ‘stache. Photo by sedge800.

Peppe the Cat

Disapproving mustache cat disapproves. Photo by thomasr9.

Pondering Pudge

Pudge has a bit of a sophisticated mustache — for a girl, of course. (P.S. Read our interview with Pudge here! Photo by Kathryne Lone.

Mss. White & Mr. Moustache

A bushy catstache plus exquisitely ridiculous ear floof = purrfection. Photo by h x c.


This mustache counts, right? It was too cute not to put in the list! Photo by lafillerenne.