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Cats with Eyebrows — Summer’s Hottest Look

Yes, we know, all cats have eyebrows. But some cats have eyeWOWs! We're going to show you these cats.

Dorian Wagner  |  Jul 2nd 2012

How would you like it if your cat were always looking at you just a little bit skeptically, like he’s judging what you’re doing or questioning what you’re thinking? Don’t raise your eyebrow at me, kitteh!

As if cats needed another way to show their expressions or disapproval with things … these cats actually have eyebrows!

Why you no pet me? Source: imgur.com via Erin on Pinterest.

'possum rose

‘Possom Rose raises one eyebrow at you. Never mind that it’s the only one she has. Photo by zipflint.

Alice expresses her opinion about the neighbors having a party on Tuesday night.

Alice expresses her opinion about the neighbors having a party on a Tuesday night. Photo by emmabolden.

Groucho Marx-looking kitty has the most fantastic brows ever! Source: roflzoo.com via Artistic on Pinterest.

this cat is awesome

Permanently surprised kitty is permanently surprised. Photo by Litchy_ko_ko.


Delicate, soft eyebrows make for a gentle-looking kitty. Photo by zenia.


Ms. Eyebrows is a big girl with big expressions. Photo by lazyelsiemarley.


This is nearly a unibrow. Excellent work, Ginger! Photo by mr walker.

this is tinka

Oh hai, Tinka says. Can I come up there? Up up up! Photo by Whit-ness.

Serious Cat Eyebrows. #cat #kabuki

These aren’t the same kind of eyebrows, but holy cat! Have you ever seen longer eyebrow lashes? Photo by Baione-Doda.