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Cats Jumping in Slow Motion in 3D? We Haz It

While we already know what amazing physical feats cats are capable of, let's take a moment to enjoy them in slow motion ... over and over again!

Liz Acosta  |  May 21st 2012

Take one cat jumping in slow motion, some 3D effects, and a cool soundtrack, and you’ve got one seriously rad little clip.

If for some reason you happen to have some 3D glasses lying around, slip them on, have some catnip, and enjoy this video.

Man, how do cats make it look so easy? They’re always in the right, that’s how!

Seemingly designed to fall as much as they’re designed to hunt, jump, and fight with precision, a cat’s nine lives are indebted to its righting reflex. That’s what you call a cat’s innate ability to turn over and land on all four paws when it falls.

The turn is perfected by the time cats are just seven weeks old, and is the culmination of a highly flexible backbone and no functional clavicle. Once the cat’s senses determine up from down, its body instinctively goes into the righting reflex to face downward without ever changing its angular momentum. However, while this reflex usually allows cats to escape falls uninjured, cats can still be hurt or die from extreme descents, so don’t go pushing kitty out of a window!

Instead let’s celebrate the pawsome science of cats with these videos of cats jumping and righting in slow motion.