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10 Cats Checking Themselves Out in Mirrors

These cats what to know EXACTLY how pretty they are. They're not vain, just curious, you know?

Dorian Wagner  |  Aug 6th 2012

Mirror, mirror, on the wall … who’s the prettiest kitty of them all?

We think that’s actually a pretty unfair question — all these kitties are gorgeous!

I’ll think I’ll go for the natural look today. Photo by del’s1.

Muta knows he’s a handsome man-cat. Photo by robynmichelle79.

Her Majesty deserves a mirror as fabulous as she is! Photo by brandonrhodes.

Hello, down there! Photo by DM* Photo.

Lily says, “Hey, there’s someone down here, too!” Photo by nybray.

Makeup! Could someone powder my nose? Photo by Toffeecrackle.

Housekeeping! We could use a little Windex and some paper towels over here. Photo by malpraxis2000.

Meh. A mirror. Photo by ajp007.

You handsome devil, you. How could I not want to kiss you? Photo by peter_hasselbom.

Hey, you two! Get a room. Sheesh. Photo by atina2u.