Cats can be as pretty as a flower or as precious as a petal — and sometimes their claws can be as prickly as a thorn — so naturally they love to curl up in pots like the beautiful little blossoms they are!

Wouldn’t a whole garden of cats in flower pots be the most fabulous landscaping you’ve ever seen? Here are a bunch of pictures of what it might look like. Imagine them all in there together!

Cat in a Pot

What you can’t tell is that this little tuxie is a six-toed cat! Photo by geraldbrazell.

Silvio plantado en mi ventana

Silvio finds this to be the best spot to catch up on both his sunning and his people watching. Photo by jarfil.

four kittens in a flower pot

Just add water. They’ll be full-grown cats in no time! Photo by Dan Hershman.

Flower Pot Cat

Petal-top mattress. Photo by StewieD.

Flower Pot Cat, Gers september 2008

Round pot, round cat. It’s a perfect fit! Photo by Mo Westein 1.

Cats in a flower pot

Ginger babies snuggled up like two peas in a pod. Photo by imon.mitra.

Cats grow in flower pots around here...

Perhaps it’s time to transplant this kitty to a bigger pot? There seems to be a little overflow. Photo by mcconnell.franklin.

in the pot

Disapproving cat disapproves of your pot. Photo by eiknef.

a stray cat

It’s important to choose a pot that is in your same color scheme. Photo by recks 73.

Two tabby cats in a pot. Lewes

The delicate tabby plant likes to grow in pairs. Photo by SocialBerry.

Cat in a pot

The floof is growing in quite nicely on this one. Photo by luvhart.


Ashwin observing the goings-on in the garden. Little does he know that he’s the goings-on we care about! Photo by buddhas_mile.

Baley the Cat

Just a little baby bud! Photo by Nghi La.