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Meet Four Kittens with Cushy Desk Jobs

These kitties have found the perfect place to nap on the job -- until the boss comes to the office.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 20th 2012

Of course kittens are adorable. And we want them all to find loving, devoted furever homes. But while you’re fostering all those little kitties, how are you supposed to keep them organized? You want them to be comfortable yet accessible, you want them to have some place where they can snooze in peace (kittens gotta do a lot of sleeping!). Some place where they can have a bit of privacy.

Some place like … a desk drawer?

These adorable little kittens figured out how to creep up into a desk by crawling through the back … and decided that it would make the perfect secret napping spot, so their slumber would never be disturbed again!

That is until one pesky human decides to investigate where his kittens went to. Let’s see … Post-It notes, paperclips, highlighter — ah yes, four kittens! Do they make a desk drawer organizer tray for that?

Even for kittens they manage to look annoyed that somebody woke them up! The expression on the little black-and-white kitty in the front is particularly priceless.

But if we know kittens, we imagine it didn’t take them long to fall back asleep!

Sorry to bother you, kittens. Sweet dreams!

What strange places have you found your kittens napping?