Cats Are Carnivores, but Sometimes They Like a Little Salad


Remember how we told you about a growing trend of salad-loving cats? Apparently it’s catching on all over. And cats are so crazy for their veggies that they’re snatching them off other people’s plates. Cat burglars! And cats are hardcore carnivores, too.

Who ever thought a cat would go to such lengths just for a slice of tomato?

In addition to loving salad and veggies, many cats of today are environmentally conscious, so maybe this kitty was just helping sort the trash from the composting so that another cat could wash the dishes in the back. Teamwork — that’s how it’s done.

Or maybe the cat finds the tomato so vile he is attacking it out of anger? After all, tomatoes can actually be deadly for cats to consume. The leaves and stems are the most toxic part. But that’s only for green tomatoes. Know what else cats shouldn’t eat? Onions, garlic, green potatoes, grapes, raisins, and — just like dogs — chocolate. But that still doesn’t explain what this kitty is up to.

Well, whatever his intentions, he sure looks cute doing it!

What kind of uncatlike foods do your little carnivores like to indulge in? And how did you figure out that he or she likes that food? Let us know in the comments!

Via SayOMG

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