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Bored Cat Tries to Mess Up Window Blinds — And Fails

Yes, life is meaningless, and you must sometimes paw at the blinds. Welcome to the world of the cat.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 14th 2012

Ah yes, our kitty overlords. They demand so much from us. They require 5 a.m. feedings, midnight play sessions, and lots and lots of petting and cuddling. And when they are bored, they like to let us know — by clawing our toes!

This one cat has turned to a much less invasive, though no less obvious, signs of boredom. Or maybe, like Henri the cat, he’s merely listless and lamenting the imprisoned life of an indoor cat taunted by the outside world. Whatever his deal is, he’s taken to the blinds to express his frustration, albeit in a measured way that’s interesting to watch.

Or maybe it’s an experimental sort of instrument and the cat is actually breaking musical barriers by playing the blinds. It does get a little rhythmic at times.

But then there’s that look on his face. That look that says, “Put the camera down and twirl some dangling plaything for me, human — after all, isn’t that why you were given thumbs?”

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