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6 Videos of Cats Sleeping Will Cure Your Insomnia

You resolved to get more sleep in 2014, and these videos of cats snoozing will help you with that.

Liz Acosta  |  Jan 8th 2014

If you’ve resolved to be more beautiful in 2014, you just need to take a page from your cat friends. Know why they look so good? Cause they spend about 18 hours a day getting their beauty rest.

But sleep won’t just improve your looks game. Getting enough sleep makes you smarter, skinnier, happier, and healthier.

“But!” I hear some of you saying, “I occasionally suffer bouts of insomnia, making it impossible to hit the hay!”

Oh girl, do I feel ya. It’s that thing where you’re totally exhausted but you just end up lying in bed twitching from the tips of your fingers to your toes, tossing and turning and making patterns in your ceiling for hours and hours. And then, before ya know it, the first few rays of morning peek in through your window and you are, again, defeated.

Well, friends, NEVER AGAIN!

I may have discovered the cure and it’s … watching videos of sleeping cats.

I’ve found the very best for you. Take two and call me in the morning.

1. Approach sleeping with the determination of a warrior

These two cats battle it out to see who is the sleepiest.

2. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a warm bath right before bed

But it’s not helpful if someone films your bath time!

3. Remove all distractions from your bedroom … although it may be difficult to ditch the biggest distraction: your cat

But cats can also be great bed buddies, like living hot water bottles.

4. A cuddle buddy can lend a sense of safety

And, come on, doesn’t this look amazing?

5. Eventually, you’ll fall so deeply asleep that nothing can wake you

Not even the prying fingers of nosy human friends.

6. And soon you’ll drift off into dream land, where you can chase butterflies through golden fields

Dreaming is when your brain rests!

There now … don’t you feel sleepy and peaceful after watching those videos?

Photo: Sleeping cat by Shutterstock

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