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Lethal Cuteness: Check This Litter of Purring Kittens

Can you be killed by cuteness? Watch this video and find out. (Don't worry, most people just smile for the rest of the day.)

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 7th 2012

It’s the most dangerous thing known to man … the one thing that can stop a productive day dead in its tracks. No, it’s not an office meeting … it’s a DEN OF PURRING KITTENS!

These adorable foster kittens were rescued by the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association, and you can tell how happy they are to be off the streets and in the loving care of a devoted foster family by how loudly they purr. It’s mew-sic to our ears. Once we’re done watching this a million times at work, we’re going to listen to it on repeat as we fall asleep in our bed tonight, dreaming of kittens.

Just listen to that scratchy little kitten cry! We love the part when one inquisitive kitty gets close to the camera — it’s like purring in surround sound. Now that’s one happy cat! It’s the most purr-fect wiggling mass of fluffy gray cuteness we’ve ever seen!

We wish all kittens could be so lucky. In fact, we wish kittens didn’t end up on the street in the first place. Spay and neuter your pets, please! So that kittens won’t need rescues or fosterers, so that every cat has a happy home and a warm lap to purr in every single day!