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In This Video, Fish Bites Cat

Watch this video to see how a fish fights back against one curious cat.

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 30th 2012

Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

Felines and fish, right? One notoriously likes to eat the other (hint: the one with the claws likes to eat the one with the fins). It’s a predator-prey dynamic as old as time … think about the big cats you know. Tigers? Avid swimmers who eat fish. Jaguars? Eat fish. Lions? Okay, they eat gazelles, but we bet they would love fish! And who’s right at your side the minute you pop open a can of tuna? Kitty is, of course! And what else do cats love? Getting into trouble!

So, as any of you Catsters who also have aquariums in your home know, a school of fish in a tank is like television for your cat. They could watch it for hours — it never gets old. But what happens when a cat gets a little too curious? And the fish are particularly fearless? You get this video, that’s what.

This kitty almost becomes an embarrassing food chain reversal when she tries to pretend she’s a big, stealthy leopard in the wild. The fish, on the other paw, has a much different idea, and pranks the cat by nipping at her, which totally startles the cat.

Do you think the cat learned her lesson? If we know anything about cats, she was back up there again in ten minutes, trying to catch herself a meal.

Petsami is the number one destination for funny pet and animal videos, blogs and photos. It’s the digital entertainment network for your animal instincts. Please visit petsami.com for more stories.