I Found a Treasure Trove of Japanese Kitty Videos


On a hunt for only the cutest stuff on the Internet, I came across a video of a cat amusingly attempting to catch vapor from a bedroom humidifier. Like most Internet journeys go, this found me clicking through a chain of videos, where I discovered a vast treasure trove of cat videos from Japan. What I like about them is that they feature obviously well-loved cats. The majority are high quality, and sort of elegant in their simplicity. There’s usually an accompanying blog, which I can’t read ’cause it’s all in Japanese and Google’s translator often spits out gibberish, but the language of cute is universal, so I get the point, even if I don’t get the nuanced details.

So without further ado, here’s some of my favorite Japanese cat videos for your cuteness consumption.

First up we’ve got a “kitty missile,” who won my heart with his doglike game of fetch. And not only does he chase, retrieve, and drop the fuzzy pink toy, this kitty does so elaborately, by chasing the ball and then crawling through a kitty tunnel to return it to his human to throw again. Even more amusing is the way the kitty intensely anticipates the kickoff and tenses at his human’s fakeouts — just like a dog! He never falls for it, though — he’s a smart kitty!

Next is a kitty who employs some strategic camouflage in order to pounce on her favorite toy. You just think it’s a harmless overturned basket, but watch out — it’s got claws!

And lastly, the kitty who may have started it all — Maru. Here he is playing in — what else? — a box!

Do you have any favorite kitty YouTube channels to add to the mix? Be careful where you click. You might end up scrolling through videos for hours!

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