Watch Elsa the Kitty Hunt Birds — on TV!


Lots of people get excited about televised sporting events. There’s basketball during March Madness, baseball during the World Series, and college football bowl games in the winter. Lest you think that watching sports on TV is not for you and your cats, think again! Cats love to park themselves on the couch with a can of tuna and watch bird season.

Take Elsa, for example. She is a big fan of beach bird season. Much like your favorite sports nut (there’s one in every family), Elsa likes to clap her paws in the living room when a bird makes a particularly impressive play (because they can totally hear her in TV land). She gets really really into the game — it’s like everything else disappears, and it’s just Elsa and the birds.

The match is an exciting faceoff between a group of seabirds: The breadcrumbs are thrown, the birds beat their wings, the signal is given, and then the game begins. One bird cleverly snatches up the food, flying off with it to a chorus of applause. Elsa can’t contain her excitement at home and begins grasping at the television.

However, when her human tries to get involved, Elsa isn’t too pleased. Must she explain the rules of Beach Breadcrumb Fighting again?

Via Love Meow

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