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Watch These Cool Cats High-Five Humans

What, cats don't high-five? Nobody told these slick kitties. Gimme some paw!

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 24th 2012

The gesture of two people simultaneously raising their open palms toward each other and slapping them together in celebration allegedly originated sometime in the late 1970s, perhaps with Dodgers players Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke. Usually accompanied by the phrase “Give me five!” or “High-five!,” the simple act conveys cooperation and positivity.

Dogs like to high-five. Heck, they like doing anything for food or praise or their favorite toy. Cats, on the other paw, will not do anything for food or affection — in fact, we could argue that cats train us to perform tricks for their affection. So when a cat yields to our open palm in a high-five, we make no mistake — we did not train the cat, the cat is merely bestowing a small token of appreciation for keeping their litter box neat and tidy and their food dishes full of cat food.

Here are five cats who have their humans fooled. Yeah, we may think it’s a gesture of camaraderie, but it’s more like the cat is saying, “All right, human, you’re doing all right. Here’s my paw in appreciation … because later tonight I’m going to be using this paw to knock everything off your shelves.”

We’ll take what we can get.

Photo: High-five waving Maine Coon by