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Watch a Cat Fight That Takes a Turn for the Hysterical

It's scary when cats fight. Well, usually it's scary. This time it's funny. (And they're only play-fighting ... we think.)

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 3rd 2012

Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

Cats take things very seriously. Almost too seriously. You’ve watched a cat stalk a balled up piece of paper, right? That ball of paper could have been lying there all day, and then suddenly the stars align and your cat finally notices the intruder. She goes rigid, her pupils dilate, she takes one precise step after the other, crouches, wiggles, pounces, ATTACKS! Meow meow, hiss hiss … in seconds the paper is shredded and kitty walks away, tail high, her job here done. The world is safe once again. Thanks for the mess, kitty.

A multicat household can easily go from happy snoozefest to battlefield in just one wrong twitch of a tail. And a cat fight is no laughing matter … unless you’re the observing human, of course. In our house we had two cats who would usually find napping and snuggling together by the window, but every now and then something got into them, and you’d hear them galloping after each other up and down the hallway, hissing and quarreling like a little furry tornado. Then, as instantly as the argument began, they’d settle it, and go back to grooming each other. In a lot of ways it mirrored the relationship I had with my siblings growing up: best buds one second, dire enemies the next.

And like the person in this video, my parents would sometimes just laugh.

Photo: Two fighting young cats by Shutterstock

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