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A Chorus of Kittens: We Dare You to Resist

Three sets of itty-bitty meows say "Feed me! Pet me!" Whatever they say, they hold us in their grasp.

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 19th 2012

Are you Catsters ready for this? Courtesy of Dorian Wagner, our favorite Crazy Cat Lady, comes this video of a chorus of kittens that has us answering their adorable meows with a chorus of “Awww!”

The video starts out with two darling kittens meowing for attention (we’re loving the all-gray kitten — just look at those pretty eyes!) as they try to scamper out of a bathtub. They’re trying to tell us to feed them now, but we’re sort of hypnotized by their cuteness and their itty-bitty meows. That’s how it starts; they ensnare us with their adorableness from the beginning, and before we know it, we are their servants. When the third kitten chimes in, that’s it for us — we’re done. They’ve got us wrapped around their little paws.

Ah, so that’s how we end up servants to our cats! Cats have definitely got us figured out … all they have to do is be cute and we’ll yield to whatever they want. Kittens! They’re our greatest weakness.

We don’t know what it is about them, but we could listen to them meow all day long, so we’re glad that the Internet provides us with plenty of videos of kittens doing what they do best: being adorable.

Via Your Daily Cute