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Got a Bear Problem? Get a Guard Cat!

Watch a kitty run a bear up a tree using nothing but ... well, we really have no clue how he pulls this off.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 15th 2012

Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

We’ve seen a couple videos of cats scaring off bears here on Catster. We don’t know why so many cats are ending up around so many gentle black bears, but it definitely proves something: that “fraidy cat” is just a myth! Okay, we know some cats spend all day hiding under the bed, but it seems like a lot of other cats are pretty fearless.

This particular fierce feline scares a bear off his lawn by stalking him and then chasing him up a tree. And to make sure he gets his point across, the cat even checks to make sure the bear is as far up the tree as possible. Now that’s some gumption!

Forget the guard dog — we’re getting a guard cat!

Although we guess it makes sense. Lest we forget, cats are the descendants of lions and tigers and jaguars … all of which prove formidable opponents out in the wild. It seems like this little kitty is just calling on his wild ancestors help him defend his territory.

If we had to get into a fight with a black bear, we think we’d want this cat in our corner, because he is one fearless feline.

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