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Cat Gets a Voice Message — And Freaks the Heck Out

Hello, you've reached the home of Candy Cane the cat. Leave a message and I'll attack the phone.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 6th 2012

Texting can be so convenient — you might even say texting has replaced the traditional phone call. Some people even prefer texts these days. Like this cat, who’d rather you text him than call and leave a message.

When someone does try to call Candy Cane on the phone (on a landline, of all things!), it gets him so flustered that he decides to disconnect his phone permanently by knocking it off the table.

Which would make Candy Cane a very poor secretary. If Candy Cane worked for Catster, we’d come into the office and ask Candy Cane for the day’s messages and Candy Cane would just meow and tell us there were none. We’d think that was strange, but we’d trust Candy Cane, until the day we tried to call in sick and were met with a busy tone because the phone had been off the hook for three days.

So if you’d like to get in touch with Candy Cane, we strongly recommend you try texting him instead — especially since it would appear that his phone is out of commission. It was time to update things around the office, anyway. Better yet, try sending Candy Cane an e-mail.

Via Have You Seen This?!

Photo: A cat with intense blue eyes by Shutterstock.com.