A Battle for the Ages: Two Cats, One Box


By getting famous, Maru the cat has heightened the world’s awareness of boxes. We might even say that Maru has single-pawedly brought about a creative and novel recycling program of sorts. Before, we’d just throw boxes away. But now we think, “Hurray! A box! Hours of entertainment — for our cats and for us!” Prior to Maru, millions of boxes endured tragically shortened lives. Now they can be reincarnated into the best cat toys ever.

The popularity of boxes as cat toys, however, has led to a shocking shortage, and all over the world, multiple-cat households are forced into a potentially troubling quagmire: one box split among several kitties. Cats don’t like to share — especially when it comes to boxes.

In this video, Mimi and Chibi-bang (we’re not sure which is which) duke it out over a single banana box. Things get treacherous when one kitty lays claim to the interior of the box … and then it becomes a question of total domination. The other cat perches on top of the box in mockery, teasing the cat inside with her tail. It’s a close match until — wait! What’s that? A feather cat toy!

And the box? Uh … what box?

Via the Huffington Post

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