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Watch a Tiny Kitten Attack a Giant, Gentle Dog

This sweetheart dog lets an adorable kitty throw all her cute little punches. We're melting!

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 29th 2012

Kittens are like an adorable blank slate — they’ve got so much to learn about the world, and they are receptive to everything. They are not yet aware of their limitations, and lots of kittens seem to think they are much bigger than they really are!

Much like this little black-and-white kitten, who encounters his first dog ever in this video. Not sure what to do, the kitten employs Kodi’s trademark Dance of Intimidation, crab-walking with back arched toward the giant dog. The dog is as patient as he is big, and lets the kitten hop and pounce without lifting a paw. The kitten continues to investigate whether the dog is friend or foe, and while the dog does eventually make a couple of play lunges he never makes contact, as if aware of how delicate the little kitty is. The gentle giant dog lets the kitten win. After so much play, both kitten and dog decide to take a break — there’s always time for play, but sleeping is a priority. Especially for a growing kitten!

We hope these two grow up to be best friends!

And remember to always supervise your pets during playtime.