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Cat Teleports Across the Room — Or So It Seems

How does this cat cross a room in a split second? Beam me to the cat tree, Scotty!

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 4th 2012

Back in the old days, people thought cats were the familiars of witches. They were afraid of things that seemed to possess unnatural powers (so of course they were afraid of women and cats — both of whom can’t help being awesome). These days we know cats aren’t the harbingers of evil, but we know beyond a doubt that they do possess powers we might call otherworldly.

Sure, we can explain away how a cat flips in midair to land on all fours, but it’s still magical to behold. And, yeah, we know about the incredible, precise muscles rippling under those furry coats, but it’s still breathtaking to watch a cat snatch a bird right out of the air. We love them because they add fun and mystery to our lives. Able to respond to noises we can’t detect, they operate on a different plane and allow us a glimpse into a place that’s not our own. We love cats because they are gifted with unique powers.

So while science seems to have an answer for a lot of the crazy things cats do, we still can’t quite figure out how this cat manages to teleport across the room. One minute she’s sitting quietly at the coffee table and the next she’s right on top of us! Is it magic? Maybe — but only the best kind of wild magic.

Photo: Cat hiding under blanket by