Watch the Amazing Thunder Sleep Like a Daredevil


Cats — they can balance on narrow ledges, tail raised high, paws falling softly and expertly. They can jump several times their length from a standstill. They can hunt and kill with vicious efficiency. They can get you to do almost anything just by looking up at you with their adorable faces — and then, once you’ve done what they want you to do, they can completely ignore you and you’ll still do as they command. In short, cats are amazing.

Even in their sleep.

This is little Thunder, sacked out on his elevated cat tree and outstretched precariously on its highest bough.

Just one false dreamland twitch and Thunder could tumble from his perch, yet the kitten remains aloft without a care in the world, snoozing away. Ah, yes, we feel so peaceful just watching him.

So if you’re having a rough day, it might be time to check out this video of darling Thunder adrift in slumberland, so at ease that he’s not worried about falling from his kitty tree at all. After all, he is a cat, and balance is his thing, and even if he were to fall, chances are he’ll land on all four paws.

Photo: Sleeping kitten by

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