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Video Proves Cats Can Make Intentionally Silly Faces

Cats are pegged as aloof and humorless, denying their gaffes. But this Scottish Fold looks like he's mocking us!

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 3rd 2012

The thing about dogs is that they don’t mind making fools of themselves. Wear a silly costume for a treat? Of course. Perform a dumb trick for a treat? Without hesitation. Walk on a leash for a treat? Naturally.

Cats, however, they have a certain level of dignity to maintain, or else they risk losing their reputation as independent, aloof creatures of the night. Ever seen a cat miss a jump or fail to stick a landing? They get up, look around, act as if it were intentional, and then look at you like you’re the idiot.

Not this cat though. We’re not quite sure what’s got this gray Scottish Fold so excited, but whatever it is, the look it evokes on the cat’s face is sure to make you giggle. We like to imagine that he’s got a sense of humor and just finished pointing and saying, “Hey look over there!” just to have us turn our heads to nothing and then look back at him to witness his funny face and erupt in laughter.

Then he’d say, “What are you laughing at? My face? There’s nothing going on here. Me? Make a silly face? Oh no way, not me.” And before we can argue that yes, yes he is making a funny face to make us laugh, he throws us some more misdirection and then scampers off so we’re left wondering if that goofy cat face actually did happen.