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This Ginger Kitten Is a Real Chick Magnet

Why else would a dozen baby chicks snuggle up to their archnemesis? Gotta be a magnet in there somewhere.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 31st 2012

While other kittens are busy sharpening their hunting skills by play fighting with one another, this ginger kitten is taking a more subtle, longterm approach to the fine and legendary art of hunting birds. Instead of quietly and steadily stalking then attacking and killing his prey, he’s invited the neighboring flock of chickens over for lunch in his basket. He promised them lots of delicious corn feed.

The second phase of his master plan is to earn their trust by making no sudden moves. Seriously — no sudden moves at all. We’ve never seen a kitten employ such self-control in the presence of what amounts to a cat version of a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

But we think the kitten may have abandoned his plan toward the end of the video. He looks so comfortable that his eyes drift closed. It’s sort of like snuggling under a down comforter. Counting chicks probably made him sleepy … verrry sleepy.

Or wait! Maybe this is the chicks’ mastermind plan to hypnotize the cat into never eating chicken!

Or wait! Maybe the kitten and the chicks are in cahoots to mesmerize us with their cuteness! Work? Who cares. It’s Friday! We’re gonna be glued to the video for the next 15 minutes!

Via Love Meow