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Litter Genie Makes Us Feel Groovy About Cat Poop

This trippy ad from the manufacturer makes us wonder whether our breakfast was dosed with catnip.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 9th 2012

You might have noticed a certain psychedelic ad floating around the Catster site these days (it’s even crossed over to the Dogster … that’s just our subliminal effort to convert dog people to the cat side). If the ad has made you feel like you’re back in the ’60s unfurled on the lawn in Golden Gate Park during the Summer of Love, don’t panic — it’s not a flashback to the indiscretions of your youth, it’s just Litter Genie’s humorous new retro ad.

Imagining what a groovy, psychedelic catnip trip might be like, the Litter Genie features the latest from Walter and the Wizards’ album Litter Trippin’, making pop-culture cat references to almost every recent Internet feline phenomenon (like bread head cat, for example). We’d totally buy that album — if it were available in this reality (we don’t think it is, we asked the Internet and everything).

For now, we guess we’ll have to be content with watching this video over and over again. Mimicking the film texture, color palette, and kaleidoscope effects of a very different time in music (they just don’t make it like they used to, do they?), this Litter Genie ad has us singing and giggling along.