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For Mickey the Cat, Every Day Is Laundry Day

Mickey is so excited for laundry day he scoots around the house under the hamper. First dibs on warm towels!

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 21st 2012

Know what a cat loves even more than barfing into your favorite pair of slippers, scratching up your couches, and sitting on your keyboard while you’re trying to get something done? Clean, fresh laundry right out of the dryer. A cat will not help you get your laundry done, but a cat will certainly leap into a basket of clean clothes, shedding white cat fur all over your darks in a show of appreciation for all the work you’ve done just to please her (the cat assumes your jeans, sweaters, and socks are merely bedding for her little head, naturally).

The cat in this video wants to make sure he’s got first dibs on that load of laundry he knows is spinning in the dryer — or, as the cat likes to call it, the “bed fluffing and warming machine.” When a cat hears you slam shut the dryer door, he thinks, “Ah yes, my luxury bed is on its way. Sure took the human long enough.”

The cat has made the connection between the basket and the dryer, and, in a shocking display of chore support, has decided to help facilitate the completion of his heated bed by carrying the basket to the laundry room. According to his human, Mickey the cat does this of his own volition.

See? Cats can be helpful! Especially when it’s a means to an end that serves them.

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Via Huffington Post