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Kitty Styles His Human’s Hair — With His Tongue, of Course

Orion the cat smooths down an unruly head of hair like the master groomer he is.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 16th 2012

Need some fashion advice? Just ask the cat. Getting ready for a hot date with someone you really like? Just ask the cat. Need a relaxing head massage? Just ask the cat. How about a thorough hair wash? Yup, the cat will take care of that.

You know you’ve reached an ultimate level of kitty affection when your cat sees you as another cat and not just as an enslaved human valued only for your opposable thumbs and your ability to open cans of tuna (sweet, sweet delicious tuna).

This dude was getting ready to go out when Orion the cat was like, “Oh hey, friend, you’ve got a bit of a hair situation going on. Let me attend to that. I’m a feline fashion consultant.”

The cat immediately set to work setting the dude’s hair. But Orion is very thorough in his work, and isn’t satisfied until every last follicle is licked into purrfection.

When Orion was done styling the guy’s hair, he was like, “There, now you look like a million bucks! And you smell like tuna to boot — the ladies love the tuna!”

You see, Orion thinks the guy is another cat. Maybe lady cats love the smell of tuna breath, but we’re not sure about human girls!

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Photo: One cat grooming another cat by Shutterstock