Women’s Tennis Is Serious Business; Just Ask These Kittens


With cat-like focus, these kittens watch a women’s tennis match, bobbing their heads back and forth as the tennis ball in question bounces from one racket to another, accompanied by some rather strange utterances and even screaming from the players — it must be a very intense match!

The match gets so exciting that one of the kittens climbs out of his perch to join, eyes wide and intense. The other kitten, however, gets bored of watching, and yawns a big kitty yawn full of tongue and teeth.

Can you imagine their dialogue?

Kitten 1: “Why are they using those rackets? Why don’t they just use their claws to bat the ball back and forth? And why do they have a net?”

Kitten 2: “I don’t know. Humans do everything weird.”

Kitten 1: “Why are they making such weird noises? What is all that screaming? Don’t they know it’s ‘meow’ and ‘hiss’ and ‘purrr?'”

Kitten 2: “Humans aren’t sophisticated enough to speak Cat.”

Kitten 1: “They must just do this for our entertainment.”

Kitten 2:Everything humans do is for our entertainment. Do they exist for any purpose outside of that?”

Kitten 1: [After a long, considerate pause] “No, they don’t, you’re right.”

Via Laughing Squid

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