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Watch Kittens Tackle Physics with Newton’s Cradle

These super-smart cats make startling scientific discoveries about hitting, bashing, and generally messing with things.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 24th 2012

If there’s any animal that’s a master of science and physics, it’s the cat. Well, besides birds, that is. For creatures without wings, cats get pretty darn close to flying, and with their sleek athleticism, they frequently seem to defy the laws of gravity.

So is it really a surprise when some kittens take a formative interest in a Newton’s Cradle? You see, cats have very experimental minds — as evidenced by this video. Confronted with a new item, the cats proceed to test its possibilities, and discover that striking one orb against the other results in perpetual motion. Thrilling! As we know, for cats, there are few things more enticing than a thing that moves.

This leads to further investigation, such as, “What does this taste like? Can I eat it? Can I fit in it?” And, most importantly, “Can I sit in it?” (Spoiler: the answer is no).

At the end of their day of experimenting, the kittens conclude that the Newton’s Cradle is not nearly as interesting as a spider they later found, played with, killed, and attempted to eat (fortunately, some humans intervened).

Won’t be long until they will be gracing the stage to accept the Nobel Peace Prize for their work in cat-netic energy.