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Watch a Kitten Imitate a Hamster — Inside a Ball

In this video, a young cat takes herself for a ride by crawling into an exercise ball.

Liz Acosta  |  Sep 13th 2012

When kittens are young, it’s expected that they might experience some identity issues. Surrounded by toys that resemble mice, this darling tabby kitten thinks she too is a rodent, so she crawls into a hamster ball — unsuccessfully.

Or maybe she’s jumpstarting her teenage years and trying to get Mama Cat’s attention by acting out as a hamster.

As we see in the video, however, Mama Cat has been around the block a few times and is unfazed by her kitten’s strange behavior. Mama Cat probably remembers when she went through her own “rodent phase” herself. And it’s always good to encourage a little identity exploration, right? How else will the kitten know who she truly is?

But it quickly becomes a case of “kitten see, kitten do” as the kitten’s folded-ear sibling tries to get in on the hamster ball action. We know how siblings are — if one kid seems to be having all the fun, the others want in as well!

It seems as though the kitten’s phase lasts only about three minutes, because at the end of the video, she dashes out of the hamster ball, content to be a kitten again.

Does your cat ever try to act like another animal?