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Watch Bella the Kitten Battle a Plastic Basket for a Ball

Bella can't seem to figure out how a basket works. Or maybe Bella just likes to mess with humans holding video cameras.

Liz Acosta  |  Aug 30th 2012

This is Bella. Bella is one half of Meesha and Bella, the feline stars of Kitty Cat Bliss. While older, more mature Meesha is on the top of the bill, Bella is a trusty sidekick providing constant kitten comic relief. When Meesha is trying to be serious, Bella comes crashing in with her youthful feline energy.

With a kitty inner monologue translation kindly provided by Bella’s human friend, we get a glimpse into the thought process of a curious cat as she attempts to free her favorite sparkly ball from a red basket. It looks like a mission impossible for the kitten, as she struggles to figure out how to access the desired toy. The voiceover provides insight into Bella’s determination, while we yell at our computers, “Jump into the basket, Bella! Not through the basket!” The presence of the little ball is obvious to Bella, but what’s not so obvious to Bella is that she can easily get the ball out if she reaches inside the basket.

Isn’t that just like life sometimes? The answer is right in front of you but you just can’t see it.

Will Bella ever solve the puzzle? Will she ever get her ball out — a goal that is her self-proclaimed “life’s destiny”? Watch to find out!